Risk Management

As the world’s largest multilateral borrower and lender, risk is inherent in everything we do, and independent and effective risk management is therefore fundamental to our business

In Risk Management you will help us to accurately assess and price the risks of individual loans and investments, both at inception and during their lifetime. Alternatively, you can contribute to the evaluation and minimisation of the multitude of other risk factors we face across our international operations.

In all our specialisations across Risk Management, your contribution will ensure we manage our various risks and remain in a financial position that allows us to deliver our objective of positively impacting the future of Europe and its people.

  • Management: overseeing a domain of risk management, you will lead your team in the development and implementation of the Bank’s risk strategy
  • Credit risk: evaluating financial risks for both proposed new operations and changes to existing ones, including risk pricing and counterparty risk assessment, you will maintain the solid credit quality of our highly diversified portfolio of transactions
  • Liquidity risk: providing timely and accurate reporting, and ensuring data is up-to-date and reliable, you will contribute to the optimisation of our liquidity position and support our funding and lending functions
  • Market risk/Financial risk: performing risk controls for ratings criteria, interest rate, credit, FX and concentration limits, and analysing the performance of portfolios within those parameters, you will contribute to the improvement of our financial risk measurements and data control processes
  • Operational risk: analysing and improving the quality of internal procedures, controls, processes and systems, you will minimise exposure to operational risk and ensure our compliance with best banking practices
  • Regulatory risk: acting as our in-house expert for prudential regulatory developments, analysing and monitoring their potential impact on our activities, and providing input to our Banking Best Practice framework, you will contribute to the development of policies and procedures that comply with regulations and support our practical operational needs
  • Risk model validation: evaluating and testing the consistency and accuracy of our financial models and assessing the impact of any inherent limitations and assumptions, you will ensure our models perform as expected and are sufficient for business and decision-making purposes

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