Banking and Investment

As the EU bank and the world’s largest multilateral borrower and lender, our banking and investment activities are at the heart of everything we do. Naturally guided by financial criteria, our decisions also take into account the real-world impact of the projects we finance, specifically, how they will help improve the lives of the citizens of Europe.

Whether you come from the private sector, another IFI, or a financial services advisory firm, you will be familiar with most of our roles – if not our structure and job titles! Whether you work in a front, middle or back office function, you will have the opportunity to find a fulfilling banking role and you might even find that your skills could open up new career pathways for you, via our opportunities for internal mobility.

  • Management: acting as leader for your team in a banking or investment activity, you will lead from the front at a strategic level and will ensure your people have the necessary skills and tools to succeed – and make Europe and beyond a better place for everyone.
  • Front office – lending and investing: bringing our loan and investment decisions to life, you play a pivotal role, as you actively source, structure, negotiate and complete deals in your specialist sector and/or market, driving projects forward as you coordinate a team of colleagues from across the Bank.
  • Front office – capital markets and treasury: raising or managing the funds that enable the Bank to finance its target projects, you will issue bonds to a stable and well diversified investor base or you will optimise liquidity management and provide financial engineering and expertise. Analysing and maintaining our asset-liability and collateral positions and implementing appropriate hedging strategies, you will also contribute to protecting our balance sheet.
  • Investor relations: you will forge high-level relationships as the main point of contact with our external stakeholders and the investor community. You will command their full confidence with your up-to-date knowledge of our organisation and keep them apprised of the latest developments.
  • Transaction management and restructuring : after the first disbursement of funds, we require constant and professional management of our loan and investment portfolios, and their associated client relationships. In this important function, you will monitor both projects and counterparts, responding to financial and contractual events, and/or implementing restructuring actions for distressed assets, as required. Your role will ultimately be to protect the EIB’s financial interests and reputation.
  • Middle and back office: : providing comprehensive support to our front office teams, at all stages of the funding or investment cycle, you will verify and monitor a wide array of data and documentation, managing the Bank’s cash-flows, and ensuring the correct processing of all Borrowing, Loan and Treasury transactions. You will also play a part in ensuring integrity and contractual compliance and provide meaningful reporting to our management and to external parties or stakeholders.
  • Advisory: providing upstream financial advice on projects and thereby improving their access to finance, you will complement our lending and blending activities and enhance the impact of our financial products. You will also develop business cases for new financing mechanisms. In particular, you will ensure the Group makes available its financial and technical expertise to project promoters and local authorities, strengthening project preparation and implementation, improving efficient use of EU funds and enhancing the beneficiaries’/client’s institutional capacity.

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